Vanessa Ives


Vanessa Ives is the female lead character in the Showtime TV show Penny Dreadful. She is played by actress Eva Green. Summary Vanessa is a mysterious beauty with supernatural power. She appears to be psychic, clairvoyant, and a medium all in one. Although it is unclear who or what Vanessa truly is, it is clear that she is a gifted spiritual and supernatural being who battles many inner demons.      … Continue reading Continue reading

Sir Malcolm Murray


Sir Malcolm Murray is a main male character in Showtime TV show Penny Dreadful. He is played by actor Timothy Dalton. Summary Sir Malcolm Murray is an hardened African explorer who has spend most of his life on exciting quests. While his home is filled if magnificent artifacts, his constant journeys have cost him a life of family and love. With the help of Vanessa Ives, he hopes to right the wrongs of his… Continue reading