Behind The Scenes

Ever wonder about what really happens behind the scenes of the hit series? Take a look at the Penny Dreadful production blogs below to see how sets are made, where the scenes take place, and who is responsible for creating the detail-oriented set decorations, wardrobes, and props.  The production blogs also take a deeper look into the 19th century Victorian London times. Watch the videos below to find out what life was really like during this time!

Production Blogs

Production Blog #1: What is a Penny Dreadful?

Production Blog #2: Literary Roots

Production Blog #3: Coming Together

Production Blog #4: The Artisans – Set Decorations and Props

Production Blog #5: The Artisans: Production Design

Production Blog #6: The Grand Guignol

Production Blog #7: Prostitution and Sex in the Victorian Age

Production Blog #8: British Exploration and the Search for the Nile

Production Blog #9: The Science of Medicine

Behind The Scenes

Inside Penny Dreadful:

Behind Episode 1 – Frankenstein’s Lab:

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