Behind The Scenes


Ever wonder about what really happens behind the scenes of the hit series? Take a look at the Penny Dreadful production blogs below to see how sets are made, where the scenes take place, and who is responsible for creating the detail-oriented set decorations, wardrobes, and props.  The production blogs also take a deeper look into the 19th century Victorian London times. Watch the videos below to find out what life was really like during this time!

Behind The Scenes

Production Blogs

Production Blog #1: What is a Penny Dreadful?

Production Blog #2: Literary Roots

Production Blog #3: Coming Together

Production Blog #4: The Artisans – Set Decorations and Props

Production Blog #5: The Artisans: Production Design

Production Blog #6: The Grand Guignol

Production Blog #7: Prostitution and Sex in the Victorian Age

Production Blog #8: British Exploration and the Search for the Nile

Production Blog #9: The Science of Medicine

Behind The Scenes

Inside Penny Dreadful:

Behind Episode 1 – Frankenstein’s Lab: