Ethan Chandler

Ethan Chandler

Ethan Chandler is a main male character in Showtime TV show Penny Dreadful. He is played by actor Josh Hartnett.

Ethan ChandlerSummary

Ethan Chandler is a charming American sharpshooter who has found himself in the dark shadows of Victorian England. He is a man of great violence and hidden depths, as it appears that he is running away from his past. For these reasons he is recruited by Vanessa Ives and Sir Malcolm Murray in their mysterious and treacherous journey.





Ethan’s Episode Appearances

  • Episode 1 – We first meet Ethan Chandler staring in a Wild West Show, where is displays remarkable sharpshooting skills. For this, he is recruited by Vanessa Ives to join herself and Sir Malcolm Murray in a dangerous quest. Later at night, Ethan joins the two as the venture into an opium den. There, they encounter and decimate several vampiric creatures thanks in large part to Ethan’s marksmanship skills. The next day, an intrigued Ethan speaks with Vanessa as he is searching for answers on what they encountered the previous night. Vanessa explains to him that those creatures have captured Sir Malcolm’s daughter. She warns him of the dangers of the quest.


  • Episode 2 – After waking up on the docks, Ethan stumbled into a bar where he meets Brona Croft. After having a drink with her, it is apparent Ethan has taken a liking to her. Ethan later finds a room and opens a letter from his father telling him to come home. The letter also states that all of his legal issues can be resolved.


  • Episode 3 – Ethan is first seen in episode 3 during a sex scene with Brona. After learning that Brona is unable to afford the medicine needed for her illness, he rejoins Sir Malcolm for work. With Sir Malcolm, Vanessa, and Sembene; Ethan journeys to a local zoo in search for clues. They encounter a group of terrifying wolves, but are put at ease when Ethan calmly communicates with them and sends them away. They later find a vampire servant named Fenton and take him back as a prisoner so that they can interrogate him for answers on Mina. However, it should be noted that Ethan strongly objects to the interrogation tactics.


  • Episode 4 – As they lay in bed together, Brona and Ethan grow closer. She explains to him about her past abusive marriage. Ethan later brings her on a date to theater, where she seems to enjoy herself. The couple later run into Vanessa and Dorian who are also at the theater. Jealous of Ethan interaction with Vanessa and embarrassed to see Dorian, Brona runs out of the theater. She berates Ethan and tells him their romance is not possible and if he wants sex from her, he will have to pay for it like everyone else. Ethan later leaves with Dorian in hopes to forget his troubles. They travel to an underground arena where people can bet on how many rats a dog can kill. Disturbed by this, Ethan leaves the scene and gets in a fight with some pretentious men. Back at Dorian’s mansion, the two drink absinthe and speak throughout the night. They then begin to make out and remove each other’s clothes.


  • Episode 5 – No appearance.


  • Episode 6 – Ethan returns home to Brona, who gives him a token of St. Jude to wear around his neck. He then accompanies Sir Malcolm and Sembene to the ship in the harbor where they fight off vampires and almost rescue Mina. He then returns to Sir Malcolm’s house, where the two have a fight. Ethan tells Sir Malcolm that he should trust Vanessa, and then leaves.


  • Episode 7 – Ethan goes to Sir Malcolm’s to help take care of Vanessa. The devil appears to Vanessa as Ethan. He ends up saving Vanessa by performing an exorcism on her, although we do not know how Ethan learned to perform an exorcism.

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