Sir Malcolm Murray


Sir Malcolm Murray is a main male character in Showtime TV show Penny Dreadful. He is played by actor Timothy Dalton.



Sir Malcolm Murray is an hardened African explorer who has spend most of his life on exciting quests. While his home is filled if magnificent artifacts, his constant journeys have cost him a life of family and love. With the help of Vanessa Ives, he hopes to right the wrongs of his life, including the daring rescue of his daughter, Mina, who has been mysteriously abducted.




Sir Malcolm’s Episode Appearances

  • Episode 1 – When we first meet Sir Malcolm, he is on a quest to locate his missing daughter who has mysteriously vanished. With Ethan Chandler and Vanessa Ives, they journey into an opium den, where they encounter and defeat several vampiric creatures. Investigating further, they take the body of a creature to Dr. Victor Frankenstein and discover Egyptian hieroglyphics inside the dead monster. Later, Sir Malcolm officially enlists the help of the doctor, as he feels he will be of good use to him. At home, has an encounter with his daughter. However, the reunion is short lived as Mina flashes bright red eyes and screams a horrible sound before vanishing into the air.


  • Episode 2 – After paying Dr. Frankenstein to examine some blood, Sir Malcolm and Sembene visit an investigator who is overseeing a recent mother-daughter murder. He informs the officer, that they are going about the hunt all wrong. He tells him “you are hunting for a man. You need to start hunting for a best.”


  • Later, with Vanessa, Sir Malcolm heads off to a party of Mr. Lyle who is an expert on all things Egypt. There, they take part in a Seance, where Vanessa becomes possessed. The spirt inside takes the form of Sir Malcolm’s daughter and berates him in front of the stunned onlookers. Then next day, Sir Malcolm brings some hieroglyphics Mr. Lyle. After reading through them, Mr. Lyle warns Sir Malcolm to stop the quest as what he is searching for is truly evil and powerful.


  • Episode 3 – With Vanessa, Ethan, and Semben; Sir Malcolm investigates the local zoo where he has a lead on the vampires. The group discover the vampire servant named Fenton, feasting on monkeys in their den. After failing to interrogate Fenton, the group pledge to do whatever it takes to bring Mina home. At this moment, Sir Malcolm reveals that it is Vanessa who the vampire master really wants.


  • Episode 4 – In the basement, the group are in the process of performing a blood transfusion on a famished Fenton. Sir Malcolm volunteers his blood, as Ethan refuses to do so. Later, we learn that Sir Malcolm once had a son who reminded him of Dr. Frankenstein, but he dies on a exploration in Africa. Alone in the house, the doctor and Sir Malcolm discover an escaped Fenton and the apparent master vampire in Vanessa’s room. The master escapes through the window as Fenton attacks Sir Malcolm. However, Fenton killed when he is thrown onto a broken window.


  • Episode 5– We learn about the events that led to Mina being captured. When Mina and Vanessa were girls, Sir Malcolm had an affair with Vanessa’s mother. After Vanessa had sex with Mina’s fiance, Sir Malcolm forbids Vanessa from ever seeing Mina again. We learn that Sir Malcolm took his only son, Peter, to Africa, where Peter died. At the end of the episode we see Sir Malcolm form an alliance with Vanessa in order to find Mina.


  • Episode 6 – Sir Malcolm implores Vanessa to consult the tarot cards to try on find Mina. On Vanessa’s advice, Sir Malcolm, Ethan, and Sembene go to a ship in the harbor to look for Mina. The ship is from Egypt and quarantined in the harbor. Once on the ship, they find vampires and Mina, but the master escapes with Mina. Sir Malcolm returns home, discouraged.


  • Episode 7 – Sir Malcolm does his best to keep Vanessa alive, although we find out it’s because he wants her to find Mina, not because he cares about her.


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