Vanessa Ives


Vanessa Ives is the female lead character in the Showtime TV show Penny Dreadful. She is played by actress Eva Green.



Vanessa is a mysterious beauty with supernatural power. She appears to be psychic, clairvoyant, and a medium all in one. Although it is unclear who or what Vanessa truly is, it is clear that she is a gifted spiritual and supernatural being who battles many inner demons.





Vanessa’s Episode Appearances

  • Episode 1 – When we first meet Vanessa she is praying in front of a crucifix.  A spider crawls out from behind the crucifix and appears to possess Vanessa’s body. Later on, she recruits Ethan Chandler to help Sir Malcolm find his missing daughter Mina. She accompanies the men to look for the girl in an opium den. There the trio encounters a group of vampires. One of the vampires has taken Mina. Vanessa seems to be able to entrance the vampires. She later tells Sir Malcolm and Ethan that Mina being kidnapped is all her fault. The episode ends with Vanessa praying, this time next to an upside down crucifix with hundreds of spiders pouring out of it.


  • Episode 2 – Vanessa examines the corpse of the vampire killed in episode 1 with Sir Malcolm and Dr. Frankenstein. She later attends a party at Mr. Lyle’s house, where she meets Dorian Grey and takes part in a seance. During the seance she becomes possessed by two spirits: Sir Malcolm’s daughter and another, darker spirit. While possessed by the darker spirit Vanessa leaves the party and has sex with a stranger on the street.


  • Episode 3 – Vanessa continues to search for Mina with Sir Malcolm and Ethan. The group is chased by a pack of wolves. They find a servant of the vampire who took Mina named Fenton.


  • Episode 4 – Vanessa meets Dorian at a green house, where the two flirt and talk about flowers. Later, Fenton screams that he needs Vanessa, his “mother”. When she comes to him, he yells at her that he needs blood, so she give him a cat to eat. That night Vanessa goes to the theater with Ethan, Dorian, and Brona.

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  • Episode 5 – Vanessa explains the events that led to Mina’s kidnapping. Mina and Vanessa grew up together as best friends. One night, Vanessa sees her mother and Mina’s father, Sir Malcolm, having sex. That night something changes in Vanessa. Mina and Vanessa grow up, and Mina becomes engaged to an officer. The night before their wedding, Vanessa has sex Mina’s fiance. In her despair and guilt, Vanessa becomes possessed by the devil, but her parents think she is crazy and send her to an asylum. But the asylum can’t help her, so they send her back home. While home, she meets the devil incarnate as Sir Malcolm and is seduced by him, unintentionally killing her mother. After her mother’s funeral she sees a vision Mina on the beach, where Mina tells her she’s been taken by the Master. Vanessa goes to Sir Malcolm’s house in London, where the two reluctantly agree to work together to find Mina.


  • Episode 6 Vanessa reads the tarot cards and determines that they might find Mina on a boat in the harbor. She then goes on a date with Dorian Grey and ends up at his mansion. Things get hot and heavy quickly. Vanessa hears the devil while she is with Dorian. She flees his mansion and heads to Sir Malcolm’s. Once there, she begins levitating.


  • Episode 7 Vanessa spends the entire episode posessed by the devil. Her friends vow to try to keep her alive. She fights for her life, but ends up being saved when Ethan Chandler performs an exorcism on her. She wakes up from her possession knowing where Mina is.


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