Victor Frankenstein


Dr. Victor Frankenstein is a main male character in Showtime TV show Penny Dreadful. He is played by actor Harry Treadaway.


Victor Frankenstein is a medical doctor fascinated with the connection between life and death. Although he is considered to have a tender soul, his research could turn out to have dire consequences. Dr. Frankenstein attempts to create a living monster out of different parts from various corpses, and, unfortunately, he succeeds.





Victor’s Episode Appearances

  • Episode 1 – Ethan, Vanessa, and Sir Malcolm bring Victor the body of a dead vampire. Victor peels back the skin of the vampire to reveal mysterious Egyptian hieroglyphs. The episode ends in Victor’s lab, where he is attempting to reanimate a corpse. Lightning flashes and the corpse suddenly springs to life.
  • Episode 2 – Victor allows his creation to choose a name for himself by randomly picking a page form Shakespeare and choosing the nearest name. His creation picks Proteus. Victor and Proteus go for a walk together along the water, where some of Proteus’s memories come back to him. When they return to the lab, Proteus is literally torn apart by a pair of unseen hands. A figure emerges, telling Victor that his “first born” is home.
  • Episode 3 -We learn that Victor’s mother and dog both died during his childhood. We also learn that Victor abandoned his first creation after its “birth”. The creature now goes by Caliban, and wants Victor to create a bride for him. Caliban threatens he will hurt Victor if he doesn’t do this, and then disappears into the shadows. Victor is present for Fenton’s interrogation. He is part of the group that pledges to find Mina.
  • Episode 4 – Victor brings a vial of the dead vampire’s blood to Van Helsing for analysis. While leaving Van Helsing’s, Caliban again shows up and threatens to hurt Victor and his friends unless he creates a bride for Caliban. Later, Victor attempts to give Fenton a blood transfusion to cure him of his insanity. The blood transfusion doesn’t work, so Victor gives him a cat to eat instead.
  • Episode 5 – No Appearance
  • Episode 6 – Victor goes out to dinner with Van Helsing. After dinner the creatuyre attacks and kills Van Helsing, and reminds Victor of his promise to make the creature a bride.
  • Episode 7 – Victor examines Vanessa and determines she’s suffering from a psycho sexual trauma. He then stays at the house to care for her and develops a morphine addiction.

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